FT MiG-3, STEM School and Huge Glider | FTP 152

by FliteTest | March 23, 2017 | (1 Ratings) Posted in Podcasts


MiG-3 Release


It’s finally here! We collaborated with Nerd Nic to develop the beautiful, historic warbird—the FT MiG-3! We are thankful for community members like Nic, who help us develop these types of projects, which enrich the RC world! Visit the Flite Test store to get on the list to purchase!


STEM School Update


We are thrilled to announce the first round of the Take Flight Fund winners! Because of the Flite Test community, we were able to raise $2,500 to award to three STEM schools. Both Pierz Public Schools and Proctor High School received $1,000 each and East Canton High School received $500. Congratulations to all of you! We had a great turnout of applications, which made the review process difficult. However, we are encouraged to see how STEM is positively impacting students all over the world! The next Take Flight Fund applications are being accepted now and ends June 1. Apply for the Flite Test STEM Take Flight Fund here.


Community Showcase


Planiac01 developed a huge Galaxy V2 glider, which impressed us quite a bit! He brought the Galaxy V1 to Flite Fest 2016 to attempt a world record. What impressed us the most is that he had such a great support system of family and friends, which truly emulates what Flite Test is all about. We can’t wait to see V2 at Flite Fest East 2017!

Galaxy V2 Specs

  • 6-7 sheets of foam
  • Wingspan: 88 in/2235 mm (7.3 ft)
  • Length: 63.5 in/1613 mm (5.25 ft)
  • Weight: with 2200mAh 3s—37.625 oz/1068 g (2.35 lbs)
  • Wing loading: 142.4 g/sq ft
  • Power pack C with 2200mAh 3s battery
  • 17 g servos


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Planiac01 on March 26, 2017
Oh my goodness gracious. I peed a little when I saw this thank you so much!
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