FT MiG-3 Streamer Combat

by FliteTest | April 3, 2017 | (7 Ratings) Posted in News


It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for—the MiG-3 is finished! Josh, Alex and TJ test out its limits while going into third-person (thanks Hyperion!) combat in the sky.



The MiG-3 is the second plane in what we call the Community Series. The first one in the series was the FT Bloody Baron by Dan Sponholz (AKA the SponZ). The the idea behind the Community Series is we take an awesome design from one of our community members and we work with them to create a new design that uses several of our build techniques, which makes it all swappable (powerpod, electronics, etc.). 

One thing we’re really passionate about is making every build experience the same and also take place in 3-5 hours. The MiG-3 can be build in approximately three hours. And although it doesn’t reach 100 mph, it does have a respectable speed to it.



Something we enjoy about these foam board war birds is that they have a lot of similar tendencies to a trainer—including undercamberd wing tips, which helps prevent stalling. 

The MiG-3 is very forgiving and doesn’t stall as easy as a typical scale war bird. On our plans we have throw gages and if you dial them in and use our CG, you should be able to pin the elevator back in slow flight and it shouldn’t drop a wing tip. 

Another little tip: If you’re using a 4-cell battery, make sure you don’t use over a 9x5 prop.


A big thanks to Nic Lechner (AKA Nerdnic) for helping make this beautiful design become a reality!

Additional shout outs to one of our team members, Chad Lewis, for always painting the planes to look incredible and Dan Sponholz for creating some 3D printed details of the plane!  

Buy your own FT MiG-3 speed build kit here!

Get your FT MiG-3 plans here! 

Are you excited about flying the MiG-3? What aspects of this war bird interest you the most?


usafa93 on April 3, 2017
Awesome video!! Please show closeup and description of how you attached and wired the Hyperion cam!! Can't wait to do this with my sons!!! Thanks!! Jay
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Josh Briggs on April 3, 2017
The Hyperion camera on the flite test store just plugs into your receiver with the black servo connector since its an all in one the only thing you have to worry about is having a receiver to get the image.
All you need is a power source such as a 1cell battery to power that camera
If you do soldering you can buy these micro Jst connectors to swap onto the lead to make it easier.

1s battery: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-nano-tech-200mah-1s-35-70c-lipoly-battery-turnigy-kyosho-e-flite-parkzone.html

Micro Jst connectors: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/catalog/product/view/id/62741/s/battery-adapter-80mm-molex2-0-2p-to-molex1-25-2p

solder the smallest plug to the camera lead and then plug the battery in and your ready to go Happy flying
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usafa93 on April 4, 2017
Thanks! Great idea to tak power off the receiver! Any thoughts on how they attach it to the vertical stab?
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Josh Briggs on April 4, 2017
From what i can see from the video they use mini zip ties because when alex knocked josh the camera moved a bit but didnt come off

Yeah probably zip ties
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Josh Briggs on April 4, 2017
Also a small dab of hot glue
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PropSpinner on April 3, 2017
I went to North Canton for business once. I asked the local hobby shop where I could see some planes fly. They directed me to the field you are at in this episode. I can hear the shooting range in the background.
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Josh Briggs on April 3, 2017
Awesome video hey dan sponz when are the plans coming out
And let me just say the way you design these plans is fantastic super detailed and easy to follow keep up the good work Mate
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SlingShotRC on April 5, 2017
Very nice guys! You have elegantly and cheaply found a solution to the FPV combat game. As long as you have a nice streamer to chase, you can really stay after 'em and dog your opponent.

Also with the tail cam, you have wings on the horizon perspective. That has to help.
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