GIANT Homemade 10-FOOT Plane

by FliteTest | May 26, 2017 | (1 Ratings) Posted in Just Fun


We have another fantastic project to share with you that we saw at Flite Fest West 2017: the Giant (and we mean GIANT) Super Bee!



We love that at Flite Fest hundreds of pilots bring a project with them to build what they’ll fly over the four days on site. It creates not only a sense of urgency and creates a challenge to overcome, but it more importantly creates a sense of comradery among the teams that build the project together. That is exactly what Eric Maglio (pilot), Josh Welsh, Ryan Njaa, David Story and many others did.



We knew right away that this project would be one to watch when we first saw it at Flite Fest West. This 500% beast sounded more like an angry hive of bees, which may be due to the 10 motors mounted on its wings.



It took the team several attempts to fly due to a handful of issues. The first attempt was brought to a halt when they had propeller issues. The second time there was smoke involved, so they decided to check the motors again. The third time…IT FLEW! Thank you to the sponsors who stepped up and joined in on the Super Bee project: HiTec Multiplex, Tattu Gens Ace and Emax!



We enjoyed watching every minute of this project and look forward to seeing what they will build in the future!

P.S. They gave the Giant Super Bee as a gift, so you better believe you’ll be seeing it at future Flite Fests!


What do you think of this GIANT Super Bee? Have you created a large project like this before? Share your thoughts/stories/ideas with us in the comments below!


TurtlesThatFly on June 1, 2017
Imagine if someone put ten tiny motors on a normal Super Bee...
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