Micro Foamboard RC Plane

by J-MaxRC | June 14, 2017 | (6 Ratings) Posted in Projects

Hello everyone!

My name is Jean-Maxime, or J-Max(RC) like everybody like to call me!

This will be my first article on the FliteTest website but it won't the last for sure!


So, I'm here to present you guys my Micro Foamboard Airplane. This is one of my numerous design that are quite unique in a lot of ways...! 

And being canadian, it was a nice kick in the *** that the governement give with their temporary laws that officialy restricted a lot of our flying posibilities for everything over 250g... That's where the idea of making a micro rc plane took it's roots!... But one thing to consider(and to remember) is that being under 250g *DO NOT ALLOW YOU TO DO ANYTHING YOU WANT*.

A lot of peoples I know rush down to purshase micro airplanes thinking that they will be alrigth for doing anything because the laws does't realy specify what allowed inside that grey-ish part of the law... We all have some civile responsability and I just wanted tell you as I tell my friends to pay attention at what they where doing and to always think about safety first, because even if those tiny crafts are smalls they can bite hard enougth to get in trouble...!

That said, It does't meen that we can't have some fun flying!!! At the start, I was following the channel of André Rousseau that was playing around a micro Sky Hunter and that give me some basis to start working even if I alrealy loved pusher airplane for their capability to survive hard crash with out breaking anything. Foamboard being heavier then marketed molded foam, I cut the shape until all my electronic fit inside with the weigth as low as possible.

  The thing was quick but I had few thing to modify to make it stronger and easier to balance, so I rebuilt it in the amazing WP FliteTest foamboard...!!

I did fly few bateries out of this one. But I crash it a lot for two main reason:

1- since I was not looking to get to much attention in my local soccer field, I did fly no mistake hign( so no chance to lose it)   

2- I like to have a lot of throws on the crontrol surfaces and when bashing the sticks the micro airplane would automatically tip stall down to death...

So back to rebuilt it but this time the only change was to put a small under camber in the tips just like all the other FliteTest design eleminating almost completely the problem!! The final product give a lot of play to fit a wild variety of motors and a wide variety of bateries by the fact that you can ajust the fuselage to balance your electronic set-up easely!!


I did again pass a lot of batteries on this one to find it satifactory enougth to try to shoot a built video....

As a French Canadian I did find out that it was a lot harder then I think to explain how to built an rc plane all alone in my garage..!!! I had to re-shoot it twice but it was worth it..! I think!

There is the plans:

Micro Foambord RC Plane Plans


And there the videos:






I hope some of you will try to built my design and maybe give some Feedback on how you did with it and what you did or didn't like on it. And maybe even give an idea to someone else to built he's own design inspired by something he took from these videos just like I always end-up doing in my own design....!!!!



Thank you very much to the community but also to the FliteTest crews from wish any of this would not have been possible!




Michael763 on June 16, 2017
Cool plane and videos. The link to the planes is broken.
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J-MaxRC on June 16, 2017
It's fixed!! I think!!
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Michael763 on June 16, 2017
Yes, it is. Thank you!
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fredericdumont911s4 on June 16, 2017
Salut bon travail, j'aime bien ton avion.
Je travail sur une aile delta en bas de 250g. C'est pas évident.

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fredericdumont911s4 on June 16, 2017
Tu devrais penser à faire une nacelle centrale avec le moteur monté directement sans power-pod et faire des trous supplémentaires au besoin pour les bâtons des élastique .Tu pourrais avance au recule l'ensemble au complet pour ajuster le CG.
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J-MaxRC on June 16, 2017
J'ai designer une levre sur le fuselage pour que les elastique garde une tensions entre l'aile et le fuselage, cela empeche le fuselage de bouger lors des vols et des atterrissages.... De plus C'est solide et bien endessous de 250g tout dépendant de la batterie, Cela me va comme sa, mais ensuite toulemonde pour modifier l'idée comme ils le veulent!
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Air-headed Aviator on June 23, 2017
I like it already, since it looks a lot like my plane :)
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nicolas1809 on June 24, 2017
Y a-t-il moyen que tu nous fasses un plan à imprimer en A4 ça serait parfait :)
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J-MaxRC on June 26, 2017
Il faut faire une impression de poster sur abobe, le programe va couper le plan automatiquement sinon je suis dsl je ne sais pas comment produire un plans pre-separer....
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