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To the Flite Test Community,

With the first quarter geared towards letting the students get a grasp of how all this works, it is always a good idea to purchase aircraft that the students can handle and serve as multiple learning opportunities.  The Strix, purchased from Readymade RC, looks like it provides a great platform.  The reason why I wanted them to try it out was one it could be used as trainer based on its design, two I wanted to see how strong the plastic fuselage mold is, and three for them to grow with and use as an FPV platform, which is its primary function. Another reason why is that it is a pusher with the motor elevated and protected from ever getting in the way of being damaged during take off or landing, and it is also safe when students are throwing the aircraft.

The build was not too difficult for Grant and Emma, it took them roughly 3 periods to finish it.  The Strix itself came packaged really nice, all parts of the plane was well constructed, and students without any experience was able to build it and prep it for flight.  The only hiccup explained by the students was the mounting of the main wing on the fuselage. The key to making it work was to partially place all four screws in, getting them to grab, and then proceed to tighten them all.  Once the main wing was attached, the plane felt solid, and the rest hooking up to the receiver was text book.

Grant and Emma seen here were assigned the Strix Stratosurfer.

Inside the fuselage is roomy and the mounting capability is endless.  The only negative was the mounting of the wing onto the fuselage top plate. However, once on, it is solid in construction.

The canopy piece is really innovative, it breaks down to an FPV platform, making it an easy and second landing strip for mounting equipment.

The plastic fuselage is a huge plus, we can land this aircraft anywhere and know that it will hold up.

Grant's reaction once figuring it out was an awesome moment!

Cool shot of the aircraft in flight.

Emma, though nervous, did an awesome job.

View from the onboard GoPro.

The crew is getting good with the Mavic.

All smiles!

Final Evaluation

With the planes tested the only negative we have was that the back elevator control tends to rip on landing.  Very disappointed when it happened to both aircraft on very thick and soft grass.  We might have to build a wire barrier to prevent this from happening or land more on the nose section of the fuselage. Put this negative aside, it still is a good aircraft that we plan to use a lot in the coming months, especially when it snows!

Hope you guys enjoyed Emma and Grant getting into the hobby and learning a few things about the aircraft, which you can purchase from cheap for only $129.99

Looking forward to teaching these students more and need your help, if you want to see the kids engineer or do something cool please leave a comment below.

Thank you for supporting the team, 


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